Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • I just want to say that I have always been impressed by the owners of Computer Rich.  They truly do great work and just brilliant people to work with.  I came across these geniuses from a friend of mine and it is always a pleasure working with them.  I highly recommend the team from Computer Rich.
  • I have been a customer with Computer Rich for a long time.  Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding support and customer service over the past years.  We are looking forward to many more wonderful years.
    Chris and Carrie N., Owners
  • The team at Computer Rich is just plain awesome!  They converted over 50 physical machines to 2 Hyper-V loading balancing clusters.  We were so thrilled at the speed in which they converted our infrastructure that we had them also build us a new website.
    Kevin J., Managing Director
  • Computer Rich helped upgrade our Windows 2k environments to current technology. While we still build all our own in-house applications the team at Computer Rich were able to help facilitate a faster upgrade.
    Doug Vandermark, Owner