IT Services


The difference between many other IT consulting agencies is that instead of just working on a project, we at Computer Rich own the project as if it is our own.  This makes our team accountable for our actions providing you with a successful implementation.

We have worked with many different size businesses and know from experience that a growing business can be a challenge.  It can be difficult to research and setup new technology if you are not familiar with how it will impact your business.  We at Computer Rich can become your one-stop shop for many different solutions that are based on your needs and not ours!

 IT Management

Do you have a lot of different systems around?  Did your last IT consulting company get you over your head?  Do you feel the IT in your business is unorganized and/or having downtime issues.  From Websters Dictionary “IT management is the discipline whereby all of the technology resources of a firm are managed in accordance with its needs and priorities.”  This may sound very simple but it becomes a complex task if your resources and not managed diligently.

Since there are so many different technology products and solutions it can easily become a daunting situation to manage your resources properly.  We will identify and work with you to build an IT solution plan for you.  Our job is to ensure that you can continue running your mission critical business applications even when a natural disaster or problem takes place.  Many companies fail to have a working business continuity plan.  This failure in oversight can create a serious problem for your business and literally in some circumstances if a natural disaster does not effect you not having a properly documented backup and business continuity plan may even cost you a lost deal.

At Computer Rich we take to monitoring and managing your systems to heart.  We are passionate people who love working with technology and enjoy our clients using it to the fullest extent.  However, you should also consider a business continuity plan so that in an event of an emergency you can continue running your systems with any downtime.  Also, some companies may even ask to see your business continuity plan before they even begin working with you as this can be a liability for their organization if you cannot continue operating.

 IT Security

Security is a major issue in today’s organizations. These threats target your network in the forms of viruses, malware, spam and zero days which can pose as severe risks that can get out of control very fast. Many organizations think that by purchasing an anti-virus solution or a firewall they are protected from these type of threats. The truth is you are not. Most organizations are still susceptible to viruses and malware attacks even with firewalls and anti-virus solutions in place. Although some of these applications and devices are effective they need to be configured properly and tested. As viruses and zero days exploits are evolving every day the risks are changing on a daily basis. Organizations that want to take security seriously must have a properly setup multi-layered security system in order to protect and mitigate these risks.

At Computer Rich we take computer security seriously. Our CEO is specialized in security solutions and has worked with numerous companies protecting and improving their IT Security Strategy. We will first evaluate your current setup and survey your network. We will then either help re-configure/re-purpose current technology solutions in your company or advise you to purchase additional equipment or software packages. If you have IT staff and are looking to make security more efficient we at Computer Rich have worked with sophisticated inbound virus and malware detection appliances that can provide your team with an effective strategy in targeting and blocking threats on your network in real-time, while safe guarding your data and systems.

Whether you are a small or medium sized business Computer Rich can help make a major impact on your business by keeping your systems protected in today’s multi-threat environment. We will work with your organization to build a customized multi-layered IT Security Solution that fits the needs of your business while keeping your company safe and protected.

 Small Business

In today’s high tech world, technology plays an important role in the success of every small business. We believe that technology should be largely transparent to you.  Basically, it should quietly work to your benefit without monopolizing your time and budget. It should enhance your operations, make you more efficient and improve your bottom line.

Computer Rich understands small business. We have been delivering IT solutions for our customers for over 5 years. We provide total support for all of your IT needs. Whether it is installing new servers or updating your website as your company changes and grows, we’ll help you map out an IT strategy that will keep pace with your needs.