ICANN Rules Updated for 2014

ICANN the overseeing organization for website domain names has updated their rules and requirements for all domains.  One of the new rules that has been updated more like enforced is the Contact Information accuracy and verification part.  ICANN now is enforcing that Registrars to participate and suspend domains if any information is found to be incorrect or not working.

You will need to verify a domain if any or all the following are true:

  • Purchasing a new domain like CloudRigs.com
  • Transferring a domain from one Registrar to another.
  • If you updated your contact and account details for that domain.


Some large and small profile sites have begun seeing their domain names suspended.  It is the responsibility of the domain owner not, Registrar to ensure this information is up to date and is valid.  Anyone having privacy guards on their domain ownership service may be at increased risk due the fact that most Registrars are not providing this service but a 3rd party.

What should you do?

  1. Make sure your phone number and email address with all the other information is valid and working.
  2. Check your email including spam folders to see if a verification email and if further action is necessary.


Most Registrars will suspend a domain after 15-30 days following request or if the information provided is not working.  Only after the account information is up to date will the Registrar be able to re-enable your domain and that could still take a few days and impact your business services.

Tip: If you are using email from a particular domain and no longer have access to your domain’s email. in some case you may need to use an alternative email to verify the account and than transfer the contact information to the working domain email, while again verifying account details.