Website Design


Do you want to sell products or services online? Setting up an online store can seem really easy depending on the provider you go with but, in reality there are a lot of considerations that must be made.

If you are looking to start selling immediately SaaS solutions like Shopify or BigCommerce may suit your needs now. For bigger implementations or users who want to be able to control their data and have flexibility as they grow contact us so we can get you started on that path to success!

 Web Development

Computer Rich started out making websites. Over the past 10 years the web has grown tremendously faster than we ever thought. Unfortunately many technologies that were created and designed for the web have disappeared leaving some sites and their providers stuck in time. At Computer Rich we have been able to stay ahead of the curve year after year by engaging with real customer experiences; this has kept us up to date and able to provide real solutions to our customers. Sites that were designed by us 2-5 years ago are still going strong today.

When it comes to Mobile Devices make sure the provider you pick can provide you a solution to work with mobile devices available on the market now and the ones that don’t exist yet!

 Web Performance

Having a website is great. Having a slow website is not good. Nowadays most companies have websites the problem is a lot of the hosting providers are providing cheap hosting services but at a cost to their customers for performance.

Additionally, if you are looking for a place transfer your site to and need some help contact us and we can assist. We can even look at your website source code and infrastructure to provide alternative solutions to improve speed and reliability.

 Web Security

Running an eCommerce is serious business too many it is essential and is a key source of income. However, many do not know the inherit risks of storing personal identifiable information. Additionally, there are specific regulations you should follow in order to keep your customers data safe. Many companies have been hit hard to the extent of even going out of business because their site was attacked and their customers credit card information was stolen and used for illegal use.

All eCommerce sites should provide strong security for their users. We provide many avenues to help identify the risks and than take appropriate action to mitigate or isolate those risks.

 Web Design / Development Pricing